Sushi Menu

With many years of experience working in Japanese restaurants, our experienced chef is excited to serve you fresh quality and tasty Japanese sushi cuisine

Appetizers & Salad & SoupPrice
Miso Soup (tofu wakame)$3.50
House Salad$3.50
KC Salmon$9.00
Wakame (green seaweed)$6.00
Kani Su (Krab, avocado & masago wrapped in cucumber w/rice vinegar)$8.00
Krab & Avocado (Avocado, krab, masago mixed mayo)$8.50
Sunomono Mixed (krab, conch, octopus, shrimp, cucumber, masago, scallions, sesame seeds, rice vinegar)$9.95
Tuna Takaki (Seared tuna with ponzu)$12.95
Beef Tataki (Seared beef with ponzu)$11.95
Sushi Appetizer (Chef's Choice 5 pcs)$10.95
Sashimi Appetizer (3 tuna, 3 salmon, 3 white fish)$12.95
Tuna Taro (Taro chips, tuna, avocado, jalapeno, cilantro, masago, spicy sauce with spicy mayo)$12.00
Spicy Seafood Salad (Tuna, white fish, shrimp, avocado, orange, onion, masago, cilantro, cucumber, Tempura flakes w/spicy sauce)$12.00
Sushi & Sashimi A La Carte   
Kani, Shrimp, White Fish, Masago, Tamago, or Salmon$2.50
Tuna, Hamachi, Octopus, Conch, Eel, or Ikura$3.50
Temaki (Hand Roll) 
JB, Spicy Tuna, Shrimp Tempura, Eel, Softshell Crab, Dynamite, or Salmon Skin$4.95
Side Orders 
Spicy Mayo, Eel Sauce, Spicy Sauce, Ponzu Sauce, Avocado, Cucumber, or Cheese$1.00
Brown Rice$2.00
On Top$2.00
Sushi Rolls  
R1Kappa Roll - cucumber wrapped in rice & seaweed (8 pcs)$4.00
R2Avocado Roll - avocado wrapped in rice & seaweed (8 pcs)$5.00
R3Vegetable Roll - assorted vegetables (8pcs)$5.00
R4California Roll - Krab, Avocado, Cucumber (8 pcs)$6.00
R5JB Roll - Salmon, cream cheese, scallion (8 pcs)$7.00
R6Spicy Tuna Roll - Tuna, Scallion, kimchee sauce (8pcs)$8.00
R7Eel Roll - Eel, avocado wrapped in rice & seaweed (8 pcs)$8.00
R8Tuna Roll - Tuna wrapped in rice & seaweed (8pcs)$8.00
R9Salmon Roll - Salmon wrapped in rice & seaweed (8 pcs)$7.00
R10JB Tempura Roll - Salmon, cream cheese, scallion wrapped in rice tempura (10pcs)$9.00
R11Shrimp Tempura Roll - Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, mayo (10pcs)$9.00
R12Miami Caliente Roll - White fish, tempura, lettuce, spicy mayo top w/avocado (8 pcs)$10.00
R13Miami Hurricane Roll - Krab, shrimp, lettuce, cucumber, cream cheese, mayo, scallion (8pcs)$10.00
R14Honey Moon Roll - Chicken tempura, lettuce, cucumber, honey mayo top masago (8pcs)$10.00
R15Tommy Roll - Coconut shrimp, cucumber, honey mayo (10pcs)$10.00
R16Mexican Roll - Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo top with masago (10pcs)$10.00
R17Play Boy Roll - Eel, shrimp, krab, masago, cream cheese, scallion tempura (6pcs)$10.00
R18Crazy Roll - Eel, salmon skin, cucumber, avocado, scallion top masago (8pcs)$10.00
R19Spider Roll - Soft shell crab, tempura, cucumber, lettuce top masago (6pcs)$11.00
R20Volcano Roll - Krab, cucumber, cream cheese top w/avocado dynamite mix (8pcs)$12.95
R21Dragon Roll - Shrimp tempura, cucumber, krab, cream cheese, avocado on top (10pcs)$10.95
R22Rainbow Roll - California roll with different fish on top (8pcs)$10.95
R23OMG Roll - Shrimp tempura, cilantro, jalapeno, tempura flakes, spicy mayo on top, crispy onion (10pcs)$12.95
R24Birthday Roll - Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber, top with avocado, masago (10pcs)$12.95
Signature Rolls  
S1Miami Heat Roll - Shrimp tempura, krab, cream cheese, top w/avocado, torch w/spicy mayo, tempura flakes on top (10pcs)$14.95
S2Sakeman Roll - Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber top w/avocado spicy tuna, and tempura flakes (8 pcs)$14.95
S3Spicy Lover Roll - Spicy tuna cucumber, tempura flakes top w/spicy jalapeno cilantro (8pcs)$14.95
S4 American Dream Roll - Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber top w/salmon, spicy mayo masago sauce (baked) (10pcs)$15.95
S5Dancing Eel Roll (8pcs)$14.95
S6Pink Lady Roll - Shrimp tempura, masago, avocado, spicy mayo topped eel w/cooked scallop dynamite and cilantro w/soy paper (8pcs)$15.95
S7Sea of Love Roll - Shrimp tempura, eel, avocado, cucumber top w/tuna tataki, tempura flakes, masago, spicy mayo (10pcs)$16.95
S8Godzilla Roll - Tuna, salmon, krab, white fish, avocado, deep fried top w/sweet sauce (10pcs)$14.95
S9Maduros Con Coco Roll - White fish tempura, cream cheese, avocado top w/sweet plantains, coconut flakes w/soy paper (8pcs)$14.95
S10Crunchy Mozzarella Roll - Salmon, krab, mozzarella cheese, tempura w/sweet sauce w/soy paper (10pcs)$14.00
S11Yummy Roll - Salmon, krab, masago, avocado, tempura flakes, cream cheese w/soy paper (8pcs)$15.00
S12EL Top - Salmon, jalapeno, onion mozzarella cheese baked w/spicy mayo sweet sauce & crispy onion$16.00
S13Lobster Bomb Roll - Lobster tempura, avocado, krab, spicy mayo, Mexican cheese, mix w/mayo baked (10pcs)$18.95
S14House Special Volcano Roll - krab, masago, cream cheese, scallion, tempura, top w/house dynamite $16.00
Sushi Lunch Special ComboServed with Miso Soup or House Salad 
L1Roll Combo - California, JB, Tuna, Spicy Tuna, Salmon, Cucumber, Avocado, Veg, or Shrimp Tempura
Any one Roll$7.95
Two Rolls$12.95
L2Sushi Combo - California Roll & 6pcs of sushi$12.95
L3Vegetable Combo - Vegetable Roll & 6pcs of vegetable sushi$11.95
L4Sashimi Combo - 12pcs of sashimi$14.95
L5Sushi Sashimi Combo - 6pcs sashimi, 3pcs sushi, & California Roll$14.95
Sushi Dinner Special ComboServed with Miso Soup or House Salad 
D1Vegetable Combo Dinner - Vegetable roll, vegetable hand roll, 6pcs of vegetable sushi$14.95
D2Blue Lagoon - JB Roll, 4 sushi and 6 sashimi$18.00
D3Roll Dinner (24 pcs) - Spicy Tuna, California Roll, JB Roll$18.00
Lady Finger - Rainbow Roll , 5pcs sushi$16.00
D5Rolls Combo (48pcs) - Spicy Tuna, California roll, Rainbow roll, JB roll, Shrimp Tempura, Dragon roll$40.00
D6Rolls Party Platter (100pcs) - 2 Spicy Tuna, 2 JB Tempura, 2 Birthday, 2 Volcano, 2 Miami Heat, 2 Sakeman Roll$100.00
D7Une Platter - 7pcs sashimi, 5pcs sushi, Shrimp Tempura roll with Spicy Fish Salad$26.00
D8Boat For 2 - 12 pcs sashimi, 10pcs sushi, Spicy Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, & Kani Su$48.00

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